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Excerpts From "Woo-Hoo, What A Ride!"

"Motel Blues"

"Weight Control"

"The Baptism Of Stumpy Brown"

"She's Better Now"

Allison on Gaither Homecoming Videos

"Upon This Rock"

"I Will Glory In The Cross"

"He's Worthy"

"Because He Lives"

"She's Better Now"

"Merry Christmas My Love"

"Hand In Hand With Jesus"

"Jesus What A Wonderful Child"

"This Old House"

"The Light Of That City" with the River Of Life Choir, Smyrna, TN

"I'm Bound For That City" on TBN

"Shout To The Lord" on Classic Praise


"Heaven Is In This House"

"Tracking 'The Holy Hills' 2009-Part 1"

"Tracking 'The Holy Hills' 2009-Part 2"

"Faces of GodSong Music Academy"

"Allison's Jewelry Creations"

“Virtuous… Jewelry That Speaks!”

Window Rock, AZ

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